Nike Stat Bats

Fans of sports and design, we often dream up ideas of how to combine the two. This idea, of putting statistics on baseball bats for some reason seemed totally plausible to us. We loved the idea that we could use these everyday objects to tell a story and somehow make this information more accessible and interesting for people who either liked sports already, or wanted to learn more.

Interested in our prototypes, we were asked by Nike to develop a set of stat bats for their Fieldhouse retail space at the College World Series in Omaha.

The specific challenge with Nike was that we needed to produce the statistics on aluminum bats (previous exploration had been with wood)

We developed statistics for a series of five bats. Each player and team needed to be part of the Nike family

The bats were selected for the Type Directors Club Annual and were honored with a judge’s choice award. They also appeared in Print magazine, and CMYK.