American Ballet Theatre

We had the pleasure of working with America’s National Ballet Company during a time of transition and change. With a new Executive Director at the helm, the company wanted a fresh perspective on their visual brand. Working directly with the marketing group to reassess their assets, we noticed inconsistencies in the way the brand was being presented across different departments.

Creating a style guide was a step towards building a more cohesive brand voice.

We started with the existing ABT logo and expanded upon the centered version to offer a left aligned option. This new version created opportunity to mix up the layout, making the mark more versatile.

Taking a nod from the logo, we streamlined the color system to include 4 primary hues — gold, silver, black and white. For occasional pops of color, we established a set jewel tones for different departments.



A series of grids were established for ABT’s most commonly used application sizes.

One of the challenges of bringing the brand together was streamlining the number of fonts being used across different platforms. We chose an updated version of Bodoni for headlines and paired it with a complementary sans serif for body copy. For special events, we kept their house script.


We also created promotional pieces such as flyers and postcards to help successfully promote the company’s events and seasons.