Laureate - Here for Good

Laureate International University (LIU) is an international network of 70 institutions of higher learning dedicated to educating more than one million students in 25 countries. Their strong focus on social responsibility is evident in Here for Good, an initiative that partners with the Clinton Global Initiative and the International Youth Foundation to develop the next generation of global leaders. Our assignment was to develop an identity system for Here for Good that could easily be adapted by all Laureate Institutions around the world.

The simple Here for Good icon represents a point on the map. With Laureate’s institutions reaching all corners of the world, this identity system brought all 70 locations together for a unified message of social responsibility.

We developed a wide range of event graphics and collateral for the annual summit in Orlando, FL, where the new identity system was unveiled.

As part of the brand initiative, we designed a publication and a video, highlighting stories and statistics from select Laureate students based on their contributions to the surrounding communities.

Laureate’s annual summit ended outside the conference center, where the attendees participated in a series of community cleanup activities. Here for Good continues to be a key initiative throughout Laureate’s network of schools