Key Art

Over the past fifteen years, we have developed key art campaigns for a wide variety of film, television, and theatrical productions. Being involved in the entertainment industry has allowed us the opportunity to partner with a variety of talented photographers, illustrators, and writers. Below are a few of our favorite campaigns.

Each campaign is designed to work as a flexible system, allowing typography and image to adjust to a variety of formats.

Working closely with the creators allows for wonderful insights that help us develop design campaigns.

Often we collaborate with amazing illustrators and photographers. Other times, we get to explore our own abilities to draw and shoot.

“There’s an authenticity to RED’s work. A certain home-made realness that defies logic. What you’re getting in a RED design is work from the heart, as opposed to work that stems exclusively from commercial needs. Yet its effectiveness is undeniable. Simply put, RED designs stand out in the marketplace.”
Eric Winick, Chief Marketing Officer
JCC Manhattan

Allen v. Farrow by Jeff Rogers
Kin: Illustration by Jamus Marquette
Passing Strange: Illustration by Jane Huschka
The Starry Messenger: Photo by Serge Nivelle
The Accomplices: Photo by Monique Carboni
The Great God Pan: Typography by Stuart Rogers
Stage Kiss: Illustration by Courtney Eckersley
Rapture Blister Burn: Illustration by Sam Hendricks
Hurly Burly: Photo by Josh Lehrer
Julius Caesar: Illustration by Eddie Guy
Blood From A Stone: Photo by Serge Nivelle