NFL Players Event Branding

The NFL Players Association hosts a wide variety of events each year to help their players stay in the public eye while off the field. Whether it’s an awards show, evening gala, or “stay in school” campaign, they required a cohesive system that felt personalized to the particular experience, while staying true to the brand voice.

We developed a series of medal-inspired identities uniquely representing each event.

Each event logo expanded to a visual system that aligned with the NFL Players core brand, while also distinctively representing the appropriate type of engagement.

Beyond the logos, we created a system of icons, patterns, and typography that could easy adapt to digital applications, signage, collateral, and merchandise.

“The team at RED did a tremendous job unifying the branding for our events and programs, and coming up with a strategy that makes sense for our business. They are fantastic partners.”

Keith Gordon, President, NFL Players, Inc.